I finally managed to eat my dinner by 8:15 pm. For the past few days, I have been trying really hard to get this "job" done lol:)

So what time do you folks eat yours?

And AJCL, you seem to be right:), thank you for having faith in my singing skills, I bet its because you havent heard me sing yet, lol.

Both Dooby and I excitedly sang "Zoobi doobi" and danced like madcaps, while Chilli giggled madly:); Yep it was the song, I always knew there was a budding singer, hiding within me. ( R will assure you that, that its best hidden )


  1. LOL .. Congrats :) For the dinner part and the singing :)

  2. I eat at 6:30pm or max by 7!cant really control my hunger beyond that..

    Zoobi zoobie-- wow.. it must have been so much fun na? enjoy and may there be more such musical moments..

  3. Anything before 9 is a high tea for me.you guys are enjoying music n dance,i pity R,has he got anything to say??
    @ AJCL: Hey will you not be hungry again @ 10 pm or midnight even??

  4. @ambulisamma- read somewhere that eating early aided weight loss so consiously started eating at that time, initially i used to feel hungry,and used to snack on a fruit, now I just got used to it and do not feel hungry anymore

  5. 7 max for me too!
    I am the 'non singer' in my family too... but with much 'practice', I have forced them to get used to my tunelessness!!!!

  6. nitya:hey thanks for leaving a comment:)

    Great folks!I am impressed, all of you follow a great lifestyle:)
    AA, that leaves only and me to buck up and catch up!
    AJCL:Did you lose weight?Bec thats the reason I am on this trip lol
    I am willing to eat at 6:30, if it helps!
    What dinner do you eat?Please give me some tips!

  7. hold on..you have me for company. Dinner happens only after 9.30 PM. Don't have much choice there..there are days when it goes upto 11.00 PM

  8. Aah...now I am feeling better:)
    But ILWML: I think we both need to buck up :)


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