Was having a random chat....

with Dooby on the way back home and I asked her the most cliched question that everybody ranging from parents to absolute strangers ask a kid;

So what do you want to be when you grow up?

Till very recently, she would say that she wanted to be a farmer, I was very proud of that choice:)

But today she chose, take a wild guess........ to be lil ole me!!!! lol I was so surprised and amused all at once;I obviously asked why, hoping to hear all sorts of interesting things....

Well, even my daughter seems to have understood that I am not upto much these days....sez she, "Mamma, I want to become you and cook food and watch all that you watch on TV!!!! Thats it! So woefully little and it seems to have summed my whole life, right now!

Of course, she forgot to add, feed baby, clean up poop, bathe baby, feed, clean up poop and it goes on........lol


  1. LOL :) u know what? my son told me almost the same...wow! ma u get to read and watch TV all u want and no curfews like us :)

  2. Ha ha ...many kids wanna become like there Mom no? I used to love it that she used to carry nice bags to work and wanted to become like her only for that one reason :P :P

  3. Lol!! I remember when I was around 12 or so I had a girlie talk with cousins and it was unanimous - being a housewife was the easiest and best job on earth!!


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