The thought of writing...

would make Dooby feel that

1.her hand is paining
2.her neck is paining
3.her legs are paining
4.You get the drift, rite, I don't need to enumerate each body part, lol
5. that she will be tired!

Yes, this lil girl is pretty innovative,especially when it comes to making up stories and excuses:)

But, I am super thrilled to say that she has slowly graduated to at least getting it over with, lol.

The credit goes to

Her Ammamma, who doggedly pushed me to get her to make a start at least

And her Paati, who patiently tries each day to make her write

Of course, it did have something to do with the five stars I put for each page and each hand, when she deigned to finish a "hard" letter, K :)


  1. Does she have a lot of homework? Don't push her to write.
    And any progress is great...and keep praising the effort. It works.

  2. I should ask my family to give me stars when I fold laundry on time.. maybe that'll make me get off my ass on time. :)

  3. ILWML: No, dear, its one of those schools where they dont give homework till 1st grade
    Yes, mam, I will praise her and not push, damn hard to hold on to patience though:)

    Guddi:Yes, even I need stars for that chore, thats the one I hate the most:)Same pinch

    AJCL: ya, she really needs all the cheering:)


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