So we are at mom's place

And Dooby is scared of Mom's dog...

I am holding the already tied dog by the collar and D is sitting a bit faraway and eating dinner...
Mamma, can I please sit next to you?

No, the dog will come close, you sit there only

No, Mamma, I will sit faraway next to you, please!

Dooby is playing with some coins and it is strewn all over the bed...
Me: Please clear up all the coins, D!Baby will put them in her mouth
Baby, as if on cue, promptly tries to oblige...
D:Baby, dont play with the coins, it is for God, otherwise God will be angry with you!
Huh!So Dooby has special tuning with God, huh, he doesnt get angry with her for the same thing!Lol


Hubbie and Mil went to attend Sil's Fil's funeral;he passed away rather suddenly....
We got the news in the morning, till afternoon, everyone was discussing him in present tense, come evening, "he" became a just a "body"

It really is all over in a moment, isnt it? Sad!


  1. I have been thinking about you. Did not see you around the blogs for a few days. Glad to see you back

    Lol @ sit faraway next to you!!

    Yup in a moment all is over other than for the closest family who will carry the pain forever


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