So the theme in

Dooby's school for this week is "People at work".......

Ofcourse, we asked her what Daddy does, what Mommy does (this one you folks already know :( ).

Then, she asked me what Paati does, to which I replied, saying that she helped take care of baby, watches TV and takes care of God (puja)

She immediately tells me, "But Paati cant take care of God, because God is too big!

Amazing how kids know a few universal truths, without being told!

On another note, when asked what Ammamma does (shes the Principal of a school), she says,"Ammamma takes care of her dog! Lol


  1. Wow! They do teach us a lot of things :)
    LOL @ dog; she understands even an animal is as imp. So sweet :)

  2. So sweet of her,really she knows the big truth,and her ammamma is going hv a good laugh on knowing this

  3. we can never really underestimate kids' knowledge.. they will always amaze u with a very matter of fact approach to 'heavy' things such as god, death and the likes..have been witness to some conversations lately and have been blown away with the extremely innocent touch they give to some heavy duty stuff.
    so what was ammamma's reaction to Dooby's observation?

  4. ammamma had a really good laugh indeed! lol


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