I wiped the gloopy blue thing off the floor

and asked Dooby, in a menacing tone,

Why did you rub your toothbrush on the floor???

Dooby, with the most earnest expression on her face: No Mamma, I promise I didnt do that, I just rubbed it on the wash basin and (wait, dont vomit yet) the wall!!!!!!!!

Punishment: Dooby gets to brush her teeth with her finger for the next two days!

On another note, I am super thrilled to say that Dooby, who considers even a micro pinch of pepper to be super kaaram, finally actually polished off a plate of rasam and rice and said it was yummy!!

This "super hot", (pun intended) milestone was duly celebrated with a bowl of strawberry icecream!

Yippee! (just hope this isn't a flash in the pan! )


  1. Is that a punishment.. I used to love brushing with my fingers...

  2. its so heartening when a kid eats.. my son who worships chilli sauce thinks paruppu mammu is 'hot'- is there no hope really? (ajcl)

  3. Pooh: It is, if you have to throw away a lovely PINK (note the emphasis on pink) toothbrush:)

    A: a bundle of contradictions, Chotu is, I really wonder how its possible to like chilli sauce and then find paruppu saadam spicy?


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