I thought I was

not really the kind of person, who would hit it off with kids and babies alike. Not so long ago, before I had my own, I even used to think it was quite cool to not be the typical kind of girl, who would fawn over every baby/toddler/kid that crossed my path. Another matter, that I still am not able to summon the usual reaction, as in, oh cho sweet, etc, etc.

Slowly over the years, I have attempted to try and relate to children, obviously, more specifically my own.lol. I must say, I have improved drastically, I mean, at least I am able to say, "Cho sweet", to mine lol.

As all of you folks know, one of my resolutions this year happens to be a fun parent! Seems to me, that I have finally managed to keep one resolution.

Well, as they say, proof of the pudding is in eating it!

My shy niece, Shruti slowly warmed up to me, so much that she took me by surprise, when she called me up yesterday to tell me specially that she won a spelling competition and has been selected to participate on a State level! Up until now, news would always travel through the Paati.

Boy, did I feel privileged! And madly happy and ofcourse, "ore the touched"

So, I am finally really enjoying being a Maami:), thank you, Shruti! And Congratulations, ofcourse

Now if only my sis caught up and gave me the added pleasure of being a Valiamma! Sigh!

Guess, we always want everything, isnt it:) lol