Feeling a bit sad....

I guess this is one of those rare times that I wish I were so net savvy a few years ago.... I was going through my "really" old mails to my sis and I found a whole storehouse of old memories there. The ones I miss the most and really really wish I had atleast put on good ole paper are the ones about my first Laddu:).Sigh!

Whats more, is that none of us were so hot on digital cameras those days, so dont have a zillion fotos of her doing the same thing over and over again :(

I so so wish I knew about blogging then, because I dont remember much about her babyhood now and if I try to, most of my memories are now mixed up with the ones my mind is creating now :(........

Oh well, anyway, I guess the best way is to always look forward and record everything from here on....for me to read....
no, not when I am grey and my teeth are gone, for that means right away! lol


  1. I keep thinking abt this too... of too many missed chances of a photgraph/writeup capturing a memory, that can be revisited..
    But then like u say, better late than never..

  2. Niv, can I say I know how it feels. This is something some of us have to go thru. Knowing I do not have any of Sams pics before she is home sometimes makes me wonder what I will answer her if at all she asks me or feels sad about it. But I guess we just have to live with it.

  3. You have your chance at redemption. Do all that you want with the second one.

    the first one's always end up being the one's practised on, right?

  4. So true, ILWML, but thats what makes me sad...that all my mistakes happened with her, she was the "training ground" so to speak
    You are rgiht, I can do all that want now with the 2nd one, but I feel bad that I didnt do all that with D, something about being fair.....

    Nirmala:I know how you feel,somehow thats worse than what I feel


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