And she passed with flying colours!!

So Paati kept a test for her devoted student....

The test question: To write A to P on the slate WITHOUT Paatis help :)

And ofcourse, both were so pleased with the results that the teacher wrote V.Good, 10/10 and a star, out of sheer happiness!

P.S.; actually relief is more like it ! lol

The result:
Said student has "suddenly" developed a keen interest in writing:), carrots always worked, didnt they!


  1. Now this is super cool news.. me is very pleased.. 10/10 from me and wish we could put gold stars on slates.. in hind sight good thing im not there.. would've made it SO much fun she mite've stopped :)

  2. Awesome!! way to go Dooby.. watch out Mom, there are more such surprises up her sleeve

  3. Gr8,waiting for the next update of Q till Z.

  4. Wow! Thatz nice :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog Niv and for the lovely comment :)


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