When Nature calls....

So Dooby went to the loo;The baby was sleeping in the same room, so in whispers I asked her,

Are you going to do potty, baby?

Dooby: A loud whisper, after deep thinking for a minute: Let me check!!!A minute later, says "both" lol!!!!

Yep, I am back! Got back on Saturday. Was so tired after trying very hard to laze around at a "weekend getaway", that I had to laze around on Sunday, to get over it!lol. Home is very sweet, indeed! Very important tip for all those DINKS(those who dont know the full form, its double income no kids), PLEASE ENJOY ALL YOU CAN WHILE IT LASTS! Lol

No, dont get me wrong, kids are a load of fun, but they also mean a lot of chores you cant escape from, wherever you go:). Note to self- next time, I want to vegetate, employ a babysitter!That may cost the same as going to Pondi and back, but will give me the right results:)

That said, another dampener was that, I went all the way, eager to see Auroville, only to be diverted to some mud road, which led into real jungle land and I really mean jungle;this really spooked me out, for one flat tyre meant getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with 2kids!Gave me the heebie jeebies!Abandoned all plans of seeing Matri Mandir and the likes, for I felt sure that if I continued on this track, I may just reach God directly, a temple may just not be necessary, after all:)
This trip into never never land, also meant that we ended up on the way to Chennai, after getting lost for a bit and although I was incredibly relieved to see that we now knew where we were headed, this also meant bidding goodbye to our well laid ? plans for lunch in a French restaurant :(.
Then, just as we caught sight of Mahabalipuram, our woes doubled:(. As visions of hot lunch floated around in my mind, we came face to face with the Kannum Pongal crowd and I think crowd should be written as CROWD! This also meant one bumper to bumper accident and some heavy heartburn and tears for R.
Finally, we reached Chennai at around 4 and had "lunch" at a fast food joint called Pitstop. Well, the pit did fill up, but, come on, a burger cant even be had in the same breath as divine French haute cuisine:(

Reached home, called Ma and she had a good laugh over it all and told me I would have done much better accompanying her to the Chennai Sangamam, leaving R to babysit!Well, that was like salt on raw skin!Boooohoohoo:(

Anyway, all said and done, it wasnt a bad trip(have to say that, else, I will lose sleep counting the money lost, lol);and as I said, well, we have to start somewhere, right!And as I am a strong advocate of "Practice makes perfect", we shall repeat this mistake, till we get it right:)Oh yes, forgot to mention, the hotel room was like a cubbyhole:(

Oh well, I sound like a complaint register!:(
Ok, bye for now, lemme visit Dastkari Haat again, to get over my sorrow:). Didnt I tell you retail therapy cures all ails!!!!

P.S. Will post all pics of the loot at one shot, you get the drift, right, too many trips, too many fotos:):):)