We just wanted to be friends....

when we first "met"....

then, as I was trying my very best to be just "friends", he bowled me over with his lovely emails.....

soon, I was smitten, but trying hard to stay afloat.....

he was persistent although and never gave up....

We finally "met" and wed and its been 2 blissful years since....

Yes, its that time of the year again...time to celebrate the day we gave up trying to be just friends and decided to accept that we were meant to be soul mates!

Heres to many many more!

P.S.: Would have completed the mushy effect, by ending it with "I love you, R" or some such, but , guess what , he doesnt read this blog at all! lol. This post has been written, solely to get a few more people to wish me online! Lol


  1. typo there :)

    Many Many Happy Returns of the Day :)

  2. Wish you and R a very very happy anniversary Raise a toast to a lifetime of togetherness and happiness..

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and R - a little belated though! So what is special for this anniversary? Wishing you love, luck and happiness forever

  4. Happy Anniv. to both of you! If you like him 2 years later too.. then u know he's a keeper. :)

    (BTW, the issue is that when I type and click Post Comment..it says cannot post.. try again later.It did that yesterday too but I kept clicking and it finally got tired of me and posted it! :))

  5. Happy belated anniversary Niv.
    Very very happy you took the plunge and made this more than a friendship. Hoping to meet R and the kids soon:-)

  6. thank you Guddi, In love with my life:), Guddi: yup hes a keeper!

    ILWML: Really hope so, drop in this side, when you next visit home:)

  7. Hope you had a great anniversary Niv!

  8. thank you Nitya!
    also for letting me know that you read my blog:)

  9. Wish you a happy anniversary! Glad you became more than friends!


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