Those were the days....

......when Doordarshan was the only channel we could see...

.....when the only cartoon you got to see was Spiderman, after the Rasna ad, every Sunday...

....when the only movie you got to see was the one after the Nirma washing powder ad, every Sunday...

....when there were only 3 news bulletins through the day, Komal G B Singh and Rini Simon were the hot newsreaders and your mom waited eagerly to see what saree Komal was wearing....

.....when VCRs were available only on rent and trying to cram in atleast 5 movies in one nite, was the norm....

what do you think brought on this nostalgia?No, not old age, not yet anyway, even Mom hasnt started reminiscing like this, but then , my sil says that she looks like my sister, so I guess its not yet time for her lol;anyway, lemme get to the point, I went into this mode, because I saw Komal G B Singh and Narottam Puri in the ebay ad.

While on the subject of ads, I simply loved 2 ads that I saw recently, one for AIR and the other for Vicks Jumbo, has anyone else seen them?


  1. nice warm post.. brought back some memories of Sunday evening movies and the likes.. Sukanya Balakrishnan was teh fav in our house hold..

    havent seen these 2 ads.. will youtube them..

  2. Thank you:)

    Please see them, they are really "the warm the heart, goose pimples" variety.

    I forgot, to add, we used to ooh and aah over Komal's hair and English:)
    Her English was the benchmark those days!
    Who is Sukanya?Dont remember her, can you jog my memory, please?

    And love to Chotu...whats he upto today, havent heard from him:)

  3. hey veda...actually Sukanya was my fav too :) ur post most certainly brought back memories....also Chitrahar...buniyaad etc :)

  4. shobi, who is Sukanya?Tell me, na, I cant remember

  5. I googled her name, but no photos/wiki entries popped up.. she used to be one of the known faces on DD that time, also i forgot to add Geetanjali Iyer was a fav too.. checked out the 'peace ad' too m breath away (now only if we walk the talk) the other one - Vicks- didnt find it either..

  6. I remember Geetanjali Iyer, though:). sigh, those indeed were the days!

  7. You brought back those sunday evening movies memory,nice post,loved it.When a magazine wrote there is going to be daily movies in DD and daily 3 movies sooner,it was all matter of wonder,now daily u get few dozen movies in channels across,not to mention those Índhiya tholai katchigalil mudhal murai'ones.


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