Things which looked huge......

long ago, seem so trivial a few years later, dont they?I am sure, all of us experience such feelings at some point in our lives.Yesterday, I was looking at a pic of Daler Mehendi in Times of India and was idly skimming through his interview....the first thought that came of mind was ofcourse, what he had been in news for in the recent past;i.e. for human trafficking....illegal migration. Then, some other memories came to the fore....of another time in life, almost another lifetime...the days I spent as a management trainee in Chola Sheraton...I was such an innocent, enthusiastic teenager those days.....very sincere, hardworking lol, so green and raw, to put in a nutshell, wet behind the ears lol.

I was assigned the task of calling all our inhouse guests and ask after their well-being, whether their stay was comfortable, etc, you know the typical call you get from the front desk, asking you how your flight was and such other inane questions, which dont mean a thing:), but generally boost the ego , which goes a long way for celebrities(after all, a major part of their personality is just that- ego lol)

I remember being so nervous and scared- I had to call Daler Mehendi:), he was staying with us. I kept looking at the number and was willing myself to make the damn call:). I was so nervous that I was sure that I would mutter either some rubbish, or not open my mouth at all. Finally, I mustered the courage and when I was finally done, I was sweating:), such was the fear!lol.
When I think back, it all seems so silly now, I really wonder why I felt so scared, as though it were the end of the world!:) I am sure, I will look back to the present in a few years from now and find many things that are earth shattering now to be silly then:), but then, thats life!Something has to be life shattering, rite?

Have any/all of you gone through such experiences?If so, please share, it will be interesting to hear!


  1. this is a nice trip down memory lane, Nivs. So how was the call with DM? Did you feel a sense of 'i did it'! when you finished talking to him?
    for me, I have always been scared to try out new things, scared to take risks,even for the smallest of the things, when I think back now, I really should have..


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