So where was I!....

I've been a faithful blogger for the past month or so, been a regular enthu cutlet....posted something everyday, have come up with something every day, so what if I had to spend every waking moment to think of something ...ya, it takes that loooong, havent you heard of carefully casual????, actresses spend hours to make sure they look as though they didnt spend a minute on their face.....yep, you guessed it, my face aint worth it until I lose around 20 kgs lol, so I decided that such dedication should be put to good use, so lets CONCENTRATE on my current pet passion lol:)

As usual, I have gone far away from the topic lol. Yes, I didnt blog yesterday because I was partying away the nite! Yep, suddenly my life has become bairy colourfull, hasnt it? lol. But not "the" party that comes to mind....not that colourful...yet lol:)

Went to my mom's place....there was a New Year party, yes, this year, I know its a week late, but I guess they wanted people to attend and had they scheduled for New Year's Eve, I am guessing that they would have had the dogs and cats for company, even those they wouldnt have had, because they are very particular about not having any canines or felines in the premises, as they are "dangerous" animals.

Got all dolled up, I guess its been an age,since I dolled up, because Chilli couldnt recognize me lol, she kept staring at me...I am sure she was thinking..."Hmmm, my mom loves to loll around in tattered gowns, this cant be her, she actually looks civilised!" lol. I dont blame her, for even I found the lipstick a bit alien on my Anyway, after shrugging off the strange look on R's face, we left.

Cut to the venue:
Must say, they really took a great deal of effort,;it looked like a garden restaurant, btw, before I forget, the name of the event was that, Garden Fest 2010. They had decorated the entire garden with serial lights, there was a mini stage and theres already a good amphitheater there, so the whole setup looked grand.

The actual event was quite good, considering it was the first time. The highlight of course was the music orchestra, performed by Leaf Foundation;mom's complex is damn lucky to have a member of this band living there, so it was a piece of cake to arrange for. The next best was the dance performed by the children living in the complex;what I liked most was that the choreographer managed to get 9 girls to perform in sets of 3 on around 6 different songs and what was best was that they actually managed to remember! Whenever I see people dance or sing, I always wish I could be reborn with any one of these talents:) and if God gave me a choice, I would like to know salsa or ballet dancing:). God, are you listening?????The food was great too, especially the gulabjamun;it was sinful.Ofcourse, all resolutions to lose weight were thrown to the wind at the mere sight of the jamuns lol:);anyway, when has anyone kept a new year resolution :)

We all had a great time, after a long time, Dad looked animated, for his favourite songs were playing;R was lost in the world of music, Mom and I had a good time gossiping about all the ladies there lol(I am sure that what everyone does, they just dont admit it, like us);so all in all fab evening!Thanks, GOA!( the name of the association)

So why is this post long, you ask?Because, I didnt get to dedicate a day of thought to it lol, scrambled to make sure I was still blogging, so had to just pen the "scramble" thats in my head!