So, what if you were.....

to "kick the bucket" tomorrow?

What would you worry about more?

the folks you are leaving behind?

or what you would do without them?

What brought on this question?

A random chat with Mil, she was telling me that she was fairly sure that I wouldn't follow any of her customs after she was gone, she was making sure that they are followed until shes around!

Since I am a very cheeky, shameless person, instead of saying what she wanted to hear, i.e." ofcourse I will", Amma, I asked her, how it mattered, because she wouldn't know anyway!Lol

Yup, I am like that only! And yes, close your mouth, a fly will go in! :)

So, anyway, give me your answers!


  1. I am actually not worried about anything. Probably a bit about the pain family will face but then life and death cycle is inevitable right?


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