My sis kept on at it....

And now, Dooby has taken on the job.......

of correcting my mom when she insists on singing all the wrong words in a song! Lol

Life has come a full circle!!!

On another note, a few days ago, both of us watching the sun set. As usual, patience is not her virtue (well, I guess, you may say, which kid is really patient, anyway lol:). So, as the sun began to slide down, she started getting fidgety, she wanted to go watch TV:)

So I say: Wait, baby, lets wait and say Good Nite to Mr. Sun, hoping that will make her stay ans watch:)

D: looks up at the sky...Mr. Sun, Goodnite!I want to watch TV, you go sleep! Lol:)

Then turns around, now shall we go????


  1. LOl!! smart Dooby.. Nivs: u asked for it!

  2. shes too smart for her own good:)have to think damn fast to keep up with her!
    btw, hows chotu?
    and when hes well and you have time, please do the tag, na!


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