Just back from a reception.....

and I am just bursting to say that my mom was easily the most beautiful and the most well dressed woman there!

Dressed in a black and gold saree, with handpainted gold kalamkari work all over and lovely jewellery to match, she looked so gorgeous, that had it not been my own dear mother, I would have been envious:).

Three cheers, Ma!

And oh ya, the bride looked nice, a bit plump, Mom thought; both the groom and the bride were colour coded,she was wearing the same saree that I was wearing for my wedding (this part is for my sis's benefit) looked completely blank,as they all do, trying very hard to keep smiling, as they all do, again,making sure they convinced you they recognized you, all the while, trying hard to remember who the hell you are, lol:). After all, if you spent the whole day, seeing a sea of people, you are bound to lose your marbles at the fag end!

Enroute to the same reception, the scene:

Chilli jumps up and down in my lap,is gurgling and cooing at Dooby;miraculously, she manages to remove her diaper and ofcourse, immediately decides to do, you guessed right, POTTY!. I try desperately, to hold on to the falling diaper, to collect the shit in it and simultaneously, trying to wrangle my phone from Dooby, who is busy using the numerous functions that I dont know even know exist, all the while muttering "Shit" under my breath, so Dooby doesnt hear and trying hard to figure out, exactly at which insane moment, I decided to have not just one, but two kids! LOL


  1. Oh well.. you know what i think abt the post already.. but anyhoo.. at the cost of repeating myself :)... found it really sweet and hilarious at the same time....

  2. you did not finished it? Have you saved your saree from shit??

  3. just about managed to save it:)


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