Its gone out of fashion these days.....

So I thought, I would give it a shot!What, you ask?

A tag :)

Here goes:

1.Whom do you remember when in deep shit? God, Mommy, Dad, etc

Me: Its Muruga :)

2.Whats your favourite swear word?

Me: The all time famous word, Shit!

3. When in mixed company, how do you describe your strap when it can be seen?
Me: Motherinlaw is peeping out! Lol

4. When in mixed company, how do you talk about your period?
Me: I have my chums.

5. Which actor have you had the longest crush on?
Me: Aamir Khan.( still do lol)

6. Did you have a fun nickname in your college days?
Me: Nah , I was and am always Nivi

Thats about it, dont ask me why its six and not five or ten questions lol, I ran out of steam just about at six :), so thats it:).

And now, I tag
1. Pooh's den
2. Stray Grey Matter
3. Chotus World
4. Ambulis Amma

And since I dont know how to hyperlink and all that stuff:), I am hoping you guys will visit this "space" and "tag" along! Lol. Ofcourse, if anyone else would like to take it up, they are most welcome:)

Waiting eagerly to read your answers:)