It was fun.....

while it lasted and just as super when its over!I am talking about my sis- in law's visit;what did you think?eating icecream? a feel good movie/lol, not that, something else? lol.

Well, when she told me that she was going to visit, I knew that it would be chaotic, hectic, nerve racking, hair pulling and tiring;there, I used all the "adjectives".Now let me move on the real thing:)

All in all, I think I enjoyed this visit of hers; no, its not because she bought me a super expensive dress, although it does help, lol.Jokes apart, I think I got it right this time, because I spent most of my time with the kids, that obviously guarantees a good time, for sure.

The last time that I really enjoyed a New Year party was way back, when I was a kid, after that this New Year's eve was the next time that I had a blast:). One of my resolutions, which I am trying darndest hard to keep, is to try and be a "fun" parent.So, we had a "fun" party, lol.The kids and I planned all day long;by evening they reached a feverish pitch. Somehow we convinced the adults to be a sport and play, guess what, "Pass the Parcel". Unbelievably, R, also sportingly played the game and even performed what the "chit" said. After this, we all discussed our new year resolutions;it was great fun to listen to what the kids had to say. Initially, the adults were not so keen on having a party, but when they saw the amount of fun the kids were having and the interesting things they had to say, R gave me a pat on the back:). The evening obviously culminated at the stroke of midnight with cake;then me and the kids ran out to the terrace and shouted"Happy New Year" as loudly as we could. The sheer joy and exhilaration on the kids' faces was priceless.The icing on the cake was that we even got to see fireworks!

The highpoint:

I actually achieved the impossible;made my niece Keerthana want to stay back with us;this is a great feat since I know her only for the past 2 years(R and I have been married only for 2 years).and the rest of the family has never been able to make her want to leave her mother's apron strings lol.

The highest point:
Even Mil sang a song!

The cutest resolution:
"I will do potty everyday";no, little Dooby didnt make this one, it was actually 8 year old Keerthana who made this one:)

The surprise:
Gifts for the kids:), gave them away, with awards, such as the "the sweetest kids, the smartest kid, etc"

The Winner of the Day:
Mil (dont they always win lol)

In my enthusiasm to include the other kids, Dooby felt a bit insecure, not possessive although,must keep that in mind for the future.

And finally, the countdown was over, :), it was time to drop sil, mil and niece at the railway station.Dooby was already getting depressed that her Paati was going to Bangalore (I guess, I am the only one who is thrilled:). When it was time for them to board the train, both her Paati and she had a big crying session. I expected her to be upset, but not so upset.

So, on our way back, in an attempt to get her to stop the refrain"I want Paati", I showed her the Marina Beach.

Me: See the beach, sweety, its so nice.

D: (after saying the same thing in loop), ma, whats the name?

Me: Marina.

After a stretch, the next stretch, she asks, "Whats the name of this one?, I say, Marina, baby.Then, a minute later, this one?Obviously, I say, Marina again.

D: 3 of them?

I guess, Marina is LOOONG, aint it! lol

On this note, I am off, to enjoy my temporary freedom,lol, this post has become uncharacteristically long and probably a bit of a drag;but then, I wanted to do the cliched thing of writing all about New Year's Eve, instead of what I usually (?, its just been a month,since I have been regularly writing, so I guess, "usually" is relative) do, i.e. write cheeky 2 liners, or sublime truths :)

Hope you people didnt sleep off somewhere in the middle of this one, if you did, it alteast served as a good lullaby:)



  1. breezy post could feel the excitment through ur words.. good to know u had a swell time organising and conducting the party..
    here is to more fun times.. cheers..

  2. Veda's best abilty.......turn a routine gathering into a fun for all event! :)

  3. Marina is soo long - Lol! Kids are so cute!
    Am glad you had a fun time!


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