Is it possible to eat out of a bottle????

Lemme be more specific, is it possible to eat sambar, rice, beans and appalaam out of a pickle bottle????

Well, apparently, it is, R proved it is, in a bid to "finish" the little pickle leftover in 2-3 bottles of pickle. He painstakingly shoveled the rice in each bottle, cleaned 'em up and finally transferred it all into the last bottle and actually ate from it!!!!

Must say, a lot of effort went into not wasting even that much pickle!And no, he is not "kanjoos", incase, thats what you are thinking!lol

In other news:
Yet another exhibition, soulful live Hindustani music playing, lovely ethnic fare- The annual Dastkari Haat at Kalakshetra and-
Yep, the same 2 scapegoats lol

- the result- obvious, we came away with some lovely priceless bargains,handsfull and pockets light:)

See you all on Monday, folks- Yep I am off on my much awaited weekend getaway!Blow by blow description will follow suit!


  1. yay for weekend getaways! have fun
    And yes I know a lot of people who shovel rice into the pickle bottle to get the last bit of the yummy stuff out!

  2. Have fun at the get away u guys and I really want to see the loot now..

  3. Have fun and when you are back send me a comment with your mail ID on it.

  4. Enjoy the weekend,do post updates!!


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