I believe....

the best way to get work done, is by setting an example....like R did, by cleaning the fridge...he got me to move my lazy butt, to clean something as well! The fringe benefit, you ask? Chilli enjoyed looking at herself in the glass frame of the TV Unit :).

Another thing that Mom always set an example, just that we didnt follow it lol, for you can be lazybones with Mom:)
I guess thats the difference between a relationship by birth and one that you make :). You try to fulfill expectations in the latter one:). Poor Mom, right:), but then, if I cant laze around Mom, then where else will I park my lazy butt? lol

Jokes apart, I really believe you get nowhere with criticism:), you just manage to bruise an ego:)

Whaddaya think, folks?


  1. Hmmm.. well you did know I would comment on this one didnt you??? :) Despite my exam and all :P. Since I am a Virgo and hence known for critique.. I beg to differ.. You cant really always set an example. (for e.g. when the others dont think it necessary to follow or when they belive thats how you are and not how they can be for instance in the case of a couple, you cant induce thoughtfulness only by being thoughtful yourself???)
    Criticism while bruising to the ego .. for me too even though I critique often is the only form of true freedom you can take with a person(no im not referring to the boss subordinate scenario) If you cant tell a person you care about just exactly where you think they can correct themselves, you really arent close to them at all. And atleast where I am concerned when I stop giving unasked for pointers.. you can assume that I have stopped caring :)

  2. I knew you would comment on this one:), its like a red rag to the bull:)

    But, I wasnt talking about freedom in a couple and all that:)

    was a very light post, you know:)

    never think about stuff as much you do:)


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