An heirloom.........

gets passed on....

"A wife's three wishes

Wives who cook and do the dishes should be granted these three wishes:

A grateful mate,

A well kissed cheek

And a restaurant dinner every week"

A simple unassuming plaque, bearing these sweet words;to the average person, it will not seem like a priceless heirloom, but to me,it is, for it was the symbol of a new marriage, an innocent, beautiful woman in love and a few unfinished, untold wishes.

Mom gave it to me, with the hope that my wishes would come true; I shall treasure it till my sister steps on to the threshold of a new life....and pass it on, so her wishes may also come true!

Its another thing, that R cooks and does the dishes pretty often:), but hey I am a grateful mate, I am! Lol