Dire Predictions Indeed!

I open the fridge and drop a packet of appalaam....

Dooby is there, so I ask her to help me...what follows...

"You made the mess, so you clean up!Huh?

Please help me, baby!

Ok...proceeds to pick up the pieces....

Then says, "What a mess you have made! Daddy will scold you!Ants will bite me!You should be more careful!

Me, I am trying to decide who I should be more scared of, Dooby, her Dad, or the ants!lol!


  1. Is it even a question? You need to be scared of the lil one only. That is the life of a mother - you can fool and manipulate any one but not your lil one.

  2. no 2 ways abt it.. its just Dooby, all others pale in comparison..(chotusworld)


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