Back to the old look!

As the locks started falling, slowly I could see the face of my college days....not so young anymore and plus a double chin:). Yep, I got fed up with my long hair, I always decide to grow it long, then reach a point, where I get fed up with it and then chop it all off! I never(well never say never) thought I would want to cut my hair like a filmstar, always thought myself to be above all that(I sure have some illusions about meself, dont I lol), but I was hellbent on cutting my hair like Priyanka Chopra's short crop in Pyar Impossible. Ofcourse, it helped that it looked a lot like my hairstyle during those good ole college days, when I was footloose, fancyfree and hairfree, as well!

R very gamely agreed to babysit, while I chopped off my locks:), smirked when he saw the result and promptly obliged to say it looked good, when I gave him a frosty glare:). Dooby says, she liked me with my long hair; you can only order your hubby to say what you like, you know, with kids, its the other way round! lol

On another note, I revisited some other memories of my college days. Since the advent of these unisex salons, ranging from Green Trends, Lakme, Naturals, etc, the neighbourhood Chinese parlour was almost forgotten. Before these salons arrived, one always depended on the Chinese cutting your hair(atleast for women), they did a swell job, you always felt very relaxed, handing over your tresses to them, because their fingers are very deft and swift. So, as is the norm these days, I decided to chop off my hair at Lakme, only to discover when I reached there, that they had only one hairdresser and she was very busy!

Now I was determined that I want to get it done that evening;so I called Mom:). She suggested I try Sunflower, the good ole parlour that we always went to, before all these hifi places cropped up.Now I was a bit hesitant, for I thought they would be out of business and so they may not do a good job. But then, determination to cut it then and there won and I decided to brave the parlour.

To my surprise, the place was teeming with people!Even so, they got to me in 10 minutes flat and were done in another 15, compared to the 45 minutes, that these hifi places take!The icing on the cake, was the price!Just 200 bucks!I was amazed and happy that I decided to take the chance! The place hadnt changed over the years, thats what was most amazing and comforting at the same time;The same Chinese girls, the same big Chinese fan, the chatter of the parlour girls, the old style chairs, everything made me nostalgic. And most importantly the personal touch, thats missing in these big places! I almost felt like a betrayer for having "strayed" for so many years!:), not any more, though, I became a loyal customer again!

So, with the New Year, I went back to the old!Waiting to see the look of horror on Mil's face! lol


  1. Short as in college days short? Cannot imagine you with long hair though!

  2. yup!Intrigued and amused that you think I cant have long hair lol:)

  3. I love the last line!! ;) Incidentally I chopped off my hair to real short a couple of weeks back. Realized that a newborn, postpartum hair fall and long hair are not ideal combos


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