And Ive made it to 50!

Never thought I would last this long....was sure that I would get bored of this as well....though my all fav is "Practice makes perfect", another one that begs for attention is "Variety is the spice of life".lol

I was very sure that a few posts later...this blog would be relegated to the dusty areas of my mind:) lol, especially when I would find noone reading...which is how it is, most of the time:)

But somehow I seem to have stuck on, maybe its too soon to say...maybe I will just wait it out till I hit a century:):)

Yep folks, pop the champagne:),this is the 50th post!

Loads of stuff to talk about, but I will reserve all that for the next one (see this is how you make it to 50 :), you keep breaking up one post into 2-3- havent you seen Ekta's soaps???)

This one is reserved just to celebrate that I managed to stick around atleast this long!


  1. Kangaaroolashuns i say!!! this falls is int he "awesomeness" category.. yes i vacillate between dehathi to a mod american accent.. :) good for you!!!!! :D:D

  2. Hey that was fasssst:)

    Thank you thank you:)

    So you are reading, eh:)

  3. A very nice milestone moment indeed.. keep writing.. u r good at it..

  4. yay! Here's wishing for many more!


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