You know.....

Youve hit jackpot when

------ you come home from a weekend spent at mom's place to find cute little postits stuck everywhere, telling you(no, not, "I love you", he's not so mushy :), about each and every chore thats been done, while you were away

----- you find icecream waiting for you in the fridge

----- you find him trying his very earnest best to praise you to your aunt, just because you happened to complain to him about how your aunt praises her daughter- in- law to the high heavens :)

----- Dooby opens the car door to find the backseat full of colorful balloons, just to "surprise" her!

----- you find him match you step for step in all the housework, when we are housefull

----- he NEVER forgets anything that you have asked him to "pick up" on the way back home

----- he NEVER brings his work home

----- he comes back home after a long day at work, tells you to relax and takes care of both the kids.

No, its not his birthday, nor is it our anniversary, I was just in a rare, generous mood, lol.