I dont know if such an addiction exists, but Dooby is completely addicted to salad and has been ever since she got all her teeth(its another matter, that she lost 3 teeth after that and hasnt given uo on salad,but anyway)

She simply has to eat atleast a bowl of salad everyday or else, she has withdrawal symptoms! lol
And when she is sure you are not looking, she attacks the fridge and chomps on tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots like people hog chocolate! At first, I was very typically proud of her, you know, the my baby is such a good girl, eats her veggies and all that, but now I am a bit worried, 5 tomatoes in an evening is just too much!!!! She absolutely relishes the idea of eating a tomato first thing in the morning! I have never seen a kid keep icecream away and eat salad!She just cant resist it! She is so addicted that she will have her share and then eat the salad off my plate too!But you will never find the same child polishing off your chocolate/icecream!

Does anyone else have the same addiction?If anyone out there, or their kids for that matter, have a different type of craze, do share it!