Raaz Pichle janam ka.......

Was watching this program on tv....a very interesting concept, based on past life regression. Obviously got me thinking as to who I would have been last life and all that.

R and I didnt know each other before we married. This is our second marriage, both of us were divorcees. I was surfing through the net, simply looking at proposals on shaadi.com for my younger sis and I happened to see his profile.Thats how we met;I will leave our luvishtory for another day, its too long:). Let me get to the point for now. I was wondering how and whether we were related in some strong way, last life, for us to meet and marry in this life.

After watching this program for a while now, I have begun to atleast wonder about past life, I cant say I believe in it completely, but I cant say I am a non believer....watching it, sends a chill down my spine, but then I scare easily.

I would like to think I was a dog last life lol , how about you guys? Do you believe in past life and if so, who would you want to be?