Saw Paa yesterday, I wasnt very keen on seeing it, because I think its what I call a telly movie, you could see it on tv and it would be just as good or bad, but the husband was very keen on seeing how Big B looked, so off we went.

First, indulged in some shopping, sis in law is visiting from Blore this Christmas vacation, so I decided to pick up things for everybody, in peace and quiet, when they havent landed here yet, because its simply impossible to shop with the whole bandwagon of 2 sis in laws and kids;I just dont have the patience to look at a zillion clothes and reject them all , all whilst 3 kids keep whining like background music and now to add to the fun it will be interspersed with some baby howls too:)

Was very happy with my purchase, all done in flat one hour, let me inform you, I picked up 3 dresses and a few baby clothes, plus 2 kurtis in this much time;today I read an article in the Deccan Chronicle, about men being more successful shoppers, because they adopt the "in and out" approach;they simply zip into a shop pick up what they need and leave;I tihnk I fit this category and so maybe I am a bit manly!lol.

Then , we went and picked up Dooby from school, decided to give her a surprise,boy, was she happy to see me at school, (usually the bus drops her home), we simply told her that we are going home, so she looked glum for a moment, but was just happy to see us, so she didnt mind.

When we reached the theatre, she was simply jumping with excitement;she immediately gave her Daddy a "special" kissy :). Well, shes never interested in the movie, its tha games shes likes to play over there.(for those in Chennai, we went to Mayajaal)
The movie was nice, Abhishek was okay, wasnt as great as the reviews say(sorry , Art Navy, I know you like him very much), Vidya Balan looked beautiful, I loved her clothes, the sarees werent different, it was just the combination of the saree and blouse that made them look really ethnic. "Auro" looked a little bit like ET, but his punch lines were nice, the "Bum"(his grandma) was also quite sweet, but as I said, all in all, this movie would have been just as great on TV.
The best part.....the husband didnt like it, said he was very disturbed by the thought a child could have such a disease and wanted to walk out during intermission! Was "ore the touched", but having seen half, I wanted to see the rest;but then, the husband anyway has always been able to watch half a movie and then switch off the tv;me, I just cant do that, I have to watch the end;same goes for a book, have to read it until its over, so its quite normal to find me awake at 2 and 3 am, turning the last few pages of a gripping a tale. So many times, he would have chosen to see a movie on HBO, he will happily say Good Nite;leaving me to curse him for getting me hooked to it!