So R has a bath and steps out, all fresh. Guess this is a rare occurrence on a Sunday morning, so Dooby asks,

"Where are you going, Daddy?

R: (in a serious voice) I am going to the Himalayas.
D: For what?

R: To meditate.

D: I am coming with you, Daddy, hurriedly, pulls on her dress, which had been thrown in one corner of the room(she revels in being sexy in just underwear) and tells me, Ma, I am going to meditation.

Me: Where is that, Dooby?

D: Daddy, which shop can you buy Meditation?


A simple chat, but a poignant one, for it belies the times we live in, one aspect being how consumeristic children and adults have become, that its almost always about buying things and the second being, that peace and quiet is so scarce these days, that I guess we may need to buy it!!!


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