I will be away.....

I hold my breath, look upward to God, crunch my eyes, and count, one, two three, four...........then a loud screech!!!!!!

No, I am not braving a lizard, nor am I trying to kill a cockroach, I am not even trying to wax my arms:), I am just trying hard to feed the baby some Nestum and the loud screech is her "appreciation" lol.

To the few readers, (whom am I kidding, it is just me and my poor family :):)

I am sorry, we are housefull for the next week, extended family visiting, so will be busy trying to be superwoman! :). Although, at this point, people usually say, please bear with me, until I return, I say, I hope somebody reads me when I return:)

Until then,

Au revoir!

Will try and write in between, else, see you in the New Year!


  1. I will be waiting! Have a wonderful time with your family. Family times are so much fun and stressful and here is wishing you and your family a stress free 2010!

  2. come back soon.. take care.. dont stress urself out too much .. btw.. happy happy new year to u and ur family..

  3. hey guys, thanks a ton for the vote of confidence!

  4. Happy New Year, everyone!And thanks a ton for your wishes!

  5. Niv,
    Had tried to comment before but wasn't successful..so got a chance to get into the archives. Looking fwd. to reading more.

  6. Well well well... :) hows that for reading???? And here youve been telling us that its just me and ma.. you have a good batallion of friends out here... :) incase the rest of you are wondering.. this is the" family" she keeps referring to who is reading her posts.. Happy to see you guys enjoying my sister's posts. Have a blast this new years!!!!!


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