Gender crisis!

No, not me, being a woman still rocks, lol, this is about Dooby's friend in school. Yesterday, she got down excitedly from her bus and started chattering as usual;she was literally bursting with this piece of news.

Dooby: Amma, I want to tell you something


Dooby: You know, Eeshwar (its always about him, they have a love hate relationship, he is either "scolding" her, or shes not talking to him,lol)


He wishes to be a girl!?!

Me, I threw back my head and had a good laugh, I guess its inevitable, in a class of 10 with only 3 boys, to boost the "male" presence lol


  1. Why does he want to become a gal,did dooby said anything abt it??

  2. hi there!Finally somebody is reading lol:)

    Well, no, she just kept telling me that he wants to be a girl, but like I said, he must want to be a girl, because there are only 3 boys, so he probably wants to belong to the majority


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