1. Brush her teeth - check

2. Keep her shoes outside- check

3. Play outside for an hour- check

4. Switch off TV at 9 pm- check!!!!!

5. Do writing work everyday- check!!!!!

Guess you get the drift...... all credit goes to the point system I came up with;one point for each job done, at the end of the month, all points will be added up and if they total to say, 100, Dooby will get a "surprise".

P.S.: Another matter that she switched off the TV in the hall and sneaked off to her Paati's room and continued there lol, but then, who said anything about not switching ON Paati's TV, right - Atta Girl!!! Lol


  1. afterall she is ur daughter!!
    BTW ivalo chinna vayasulaiye lancham kuduthu pazhakkareenga??hmm dooby is lucky..

  2. lol:)

    not really, just teaching her the ways of today's world, namely, you got to "earn" everything:)

  3. lol!
    very smart to sneek into paati's room

  4. All parents need a law degree to make sure the babies don't find the loop holes, na? :)

  5. Totally agree with you, guddi!And welcome to my nook:)


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