At long last!

I finally decided to wipe the "dust" off lol:)
Its been literally an age since I blogged last!At the rate that I am going, soon it will be a year and then I might as well start a new one, since I am sure, people will not remember this one:)
Things have been chaotic at my end, to say the least...many times I have wanted to put my thoughts down, but have either not had the time or have been mentally too preoccupied, so it has been difficult to actually sort out what I want to write....
Anyway, heres a second shot at blogging, I am going to try my very very best to keep at it, hope people motivate me by reading the crap I write and criticising it lol, some reaction is better than no reaction:)
To bring everything up to speed....
I put Dooby back in her old school...yes she continued to hate the new school until I was left with no choice but to change:(
The baby is six months old, laughing, gurgling, turning over, lunging forward to try and catch anything that she can see, showing every sign of stealing the shine from her naughty sis:)
Everything else is pretty much the way it was before, Nits has gone to the US (my younger sis)
R has turned into a over anxious, hyper ventilating, fussy Dad, drives you nuts, when hes around the baby, you would think that hes the first chap to become a Dad, or that hes the expert when it comes to babies, everybody else is an idiot!
Before I convert this post into a eulogy on R's parenting "skills" let me stop:)
Hope I continue boring myself and everyone else(that is, if anyone is reading, lol) on a regular basis:)


  1. welcome back. baby et all. best time to get back to blogging...



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