Baby girl!!!!

For sure, the net is the best thing that happened in the recent else do you explain the miracle of making friends out of absolute strangers?I mean, I was totally speechless, when I found that people I have never"met", were interested in my welfare, far more than those I had known for ages. So here goes.... a BIG thank you to everyone who visited this space to find out where I disappeared to :)
All of you already know that I had another baby girl, but for posterity let me record it in a post....
R and I are now deliriously happy parents to two sweet laddus, Meghana and Anjana:)
Anjana is doing fine and seems delighted to be part of this whole big world, is savouring all the attention and generally being the perfect baby:)(Makes me wish I could be a baby again, life is fun when all you have to do is feed, sleep, poop and give an occasional smile-whats more, people are just milling around you, marveling at you for doing the most mundane things in life and generally queuing up in front of you, hoping to be bestowed with that occasional smile you pass!, life should be super cool, aint it, folks)

On an unconnected note, I was checking my mail after a looong time and found, amidst all the crap I regularly get, a mail from a recruitment agent, asking me if I wanted to be a receptionist;

Qualifications required: an absolute novice in 3-4 languages LOL!Its obvious that the recruitment agent is a "novice" in English!!!
On another note, have any of you ever grown plants in coconut shells?, Well, I just wanted a chance to boast, lol, my mom has this lovely balcony garden and she has grown china roses in coconut shells!She has fashioned them to be hanging pots and they look super cute!
Dooby, for the present, seems to be a close to perfect big Akka, as she says, she doesnt seem to be jealous of the baby and is happiest doing chores for the baby and save the extra dose of smothering and kissing, all seems to be well with both my kids!Crossing my fingers and toes while I say that, for God knows how long this spell will last!
And on this note, I stop for now, will post fotos as soon as I can lay my hand on R's camera, I am at my mom's place now, will be going back on 14th :( , will put up some fotos then.
The biggest tension, now is Dooby's school.....please wish me luck....she absolutely hates and has promised not to go:(


  1. COngrats again!!!Photos please..and has dooby started school yet. Good luck with that.


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