Random stuff

Well, not much happening....
Had a function over the weekend.... a family friend wanted to conduct a function for me, damn sweet of her, but actually I wasnt keen at all, didnt have the guts to say that... mebbe I am mean, aint I? :) Anyway, the whole jing bang happened and I landed up with a dozen bangles on each hand:), MIL was super thrilled, seeing as how she has been after me to have the 'Vallakaapu" thingie and I have been trying my best to evade.....even used R as the bad man:) LOL, saying he is not keen on it, after all what are husbands useful for, otherwise?:)
She brought a truckload of food, I really mean a truckload and we have been eating Kalarandu saadam ever since....., never want to see Puli saadam again....for all those who dont konw, Kalarandu saadam is mixed rice, as in lemon rice, tamarind rice, the works. I hated these anyway and when forced to eat it for 2 days straight, never want to see it again in my life!!!!
Dooby was her super energetic self this weekend too, which meant 2 fights with me, a few fights and a few temper tantrums, sounds very pleasant, eh? :) This whole routine ended in a long discussion with my Mom over her likelihood of being a hyperactive child.....does anyone out there have hyperactive children? I mean in the scientific sense of the word, not the term we so generously use to describe our offspring, off and on:). If so, can we chat over it?I need to have my sanity around for the next offspring and if I dont figure out how to manage this one without losing it completely, I need some help from a fellow sufferer:):)
Other than that, nothing much is happening, kissed and made up with the MIL after the last session, happens regularly every other week, so not to worry, my sis says I keep shifting between "the poor ole lady" and why oh why is life like this? :).
I so want to change my wardrobe, am on a desperate search for some loooose tees and some looose elastic pants;thinking of going on a shopping spree soon, should surely put me in a super mood for a few days.
Oh, ya, I did my GTT (Glucose Tolerance test) over the weekend, found the reading to be on the higher side, freaked out my super anxious mom, have to go see the diabetologist over the week, gynaec says that I may just need to follow a diet, thats all;:( diet = super sad news:(, after all, what is pregnancy useful for, if not for pigging out:)

Also took part in the Kaaradai nombu over the weekend, MIL was thrilled to make everything, I was thrilled to do nothing but eat it LOL :)

I guess thats it for now, need to stop here, have to have a bath and go pick up the HK= Hyperactive Kid:)

Dooby's latest pronouncements:

1.I will switch on the light "in" myself, I am a LITTLE big girl :)

2.Mummy, when you are a small girl, you also can come to my school:)

3.When the baby comes,(its always about the baby, sweet child, that she is), I will feed milk "in" myself.

Chow for now, else I will be super late, or I will have to go without a bath and spoil my image in her school:)


  1. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Dont know if Dooby is hyperactive... maybe her energy levels are just way higher than yours... :-)
    Didn't realize till this piece that I have found yet another Tamilian on the blogsphere.


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