Man's best friend....

Almost all of us know this one...a dog is said to be a man's best friend... I am a fanatic dog lover, or lets say animal lover and my favourite animal is a dog....

Was very sad to read this article in The Hindu yesterday... my heart definitely goes out to the mother, I am sure nothing I say will make the loss of your child any better...being a mother, I can definitely understand that....but what makes me sad is that this bizarre incident will trigger off a lot of unwanted hatred towards an innocent and friendly animal, one that is already pretty downtrodden and is pretty much living what they call a dog's life.
As it is, while I was waiting to pick up Dooby from school, I found an old gentleman, sitting next to me, telling someone to get all dog owners evicted from their apartment complex. Plus, this bizarre incident will only serve to frighten and intensify anger in the minds of those dont like animals, to start with. This unfortunate tragedy will serve to just increase the level of indifference and dislike that most people, atleast in Chennai have towards animals, in general. Makes me very sad....really really wish it had not happened....really wish the owner had put the dog on a leash.....well, this is what happens in accidents as well, right? But instead of thinking of it like that, I am sure people will just have a blanket reaction and hate dogs and hold the dog and all dogs in general, responsible for the tragedy.
The old gentleman, I was talking about, there are many more people like him, just waiting to take action against such things...agreed, a child died in this instance, it is a BIG BIG thing, but I dont see anyone doing much about things, when adults rape children or sexually abuse them, people just read the article and keep the paper aside, make a sympathetic sound and go on with their, I wonder, is it because animals dont have a voice, dont harm you, unless provoked, that you literally jump to take action? Because its easy, the poor thing is not going to fight back, thats why?

I dont have a dog right now, had one all my life, was going to get one for Dooby to bring up as her own pet, but now I think, I will have to first find an independent house and then get a dog.... I am sure I will have problems otherwise.


  1. The link does not seem to open...

    It is just not towards dogs.I think our tolerance levels as a society are fast depleting.

    Personally, i love dogs. Though i will never get one as long as i live in an apartment. It is akin to keeping them caged no? While instant reactions to incidents like this are common, what we do not have is guidelines for pet owners...Those may help.


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