Serial addict!!!!!

Yes, yes I know, I fall into the list of the OE (over enthu) blogger, posting twice in just a day! :), dont worry, this is a "new broom sweeps well" syndrome lol:), but I guess I should "make hay while the sun shines" :)

After this "proverbial" (pun intended) hangover, let me get to the point...... we have a serial addict (this time I wish it was "serial" killer:), since the "serial" word here means the never ending slippery soaps that come on any channel that you may care to see.

My MIL has to have her daily "fix" from 8pm to 10:30 pm. Int eh beginning, my baby wasnt paying much attention, except for being glued to the screen when the ads came(which is typical of all 5 year olds), but yesterday, much to my dismay, I had to have a tug of war to drag her from the TV screen! Madame was precocious enough to even advise me to "go sleep", she would watch her serial for five minutes more and then come to bed!!!!!This is at 1030 pm, when almost all other good little girls would be fast asleep in bed!!!! Add to this, she asks me the most difficult questions, like, "Why did Bhaskar uncle push that Aunty out of the car" and so on.......

I tried getting her to play some educational games on the computer, but my "serial" queen would have none of that!

Does anyone out there have any ideas on "how to wean your child of harmful TV serials?"

Hope someone hears my despo plea!Help!


  1. i dunno either
    but when u findout lemme know

  2. How about you reading with her during the serial times? I try to do that with V.

    During valiamma's mandatory serial slots, i try and keep him engaged with stories/ coloring etc. Try educational games and they will vanish. I keep him in anticipation by asking him what he wants to do when i get home etc, so he looks forward to that.

    Seems to be working, for now at least. Am sure there are better ideas out there too.

  3. its actually a great idea, but the problem is, Dooby is not a restive child at all, plus she is not at all interested in colouring, etc;plus stories interest her only when the TV is not competing with it for attention.
    She has a very short attention span and can be made to sit in one place, only if her cartoon is going on;otherwise, only physical activities keep her engaged for a long time. Thats why I am beginning to wonder if she is a hyperactive child.
    You sure are rgiht about the educational games part, I was being too ambitious, I guess LOL


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