The first steps........

Its been on my wish list.... on my overflowing to- do list, on my New Year resolution list (resolutions which have never been kept lol)......making an attempt at what most people all over the world seem to be doing, have been doing for quite some time, just that I didnt know, duh!, from celebrities to non- entities, everybody seems to want to share their lives and travails with the rest of the world! You guessed it.....blogging!
The past year has seen me take up a very boring job, that of a secretary at a law firm, my bad, I should never have done this to myself, but the upside of this is that I have been surfing the net like theres no tomorrow, have browsed through a zillion blogs, starting with food blogs, food being my first love (proof is my tired weghing scale lol), have become a regular at quite a few blogs, ranging from Big B's blog to several very interesting and informative blogs written by some exceedingly intelligent and savvy women.

After indulging in this hobby (actually addiction) for over a year, I thought it was time I joined the gang of ahem, very "intelligent and savvy women" lol :)

So here goes.........this is the first hesitant step I take into the blogging world, all you people out there (who am I kidding, I am sure, I am going to be th eonly one whos going to read this post for a looong time to come), please wish me luck and please take me into your wing :)


  1. All the best Nivi.. u really write well..

  2. Coming from you, it is a huge compliment, because I think you write beautifully!
    Mutual admiration society, huh:)


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